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coffee shops.

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i don't know what it is exactly but coffee shops make me think of being a kid and my grandfather.

i've often gone by this one in particular here on 5th ave. in brooklyn and wanted to go in... today i found out it is closing. so is the way. things open. things close. there was a really great little coffee shop on avenue a ( a few actually... ) when i inhabited the l.e.s. (before it was cool.) i can't for the life of me remember the name but it was on A the the block north of houston on the west side... escaping me. the woman who ran it was fantastic! leshkos.... that is another one... when brenda lived on A & 7th - that was a good stop... oh how i love a good coffee shop... and who could forget the kiev. and did you hear that frutti de mari closed?

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