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good enough for grandma Quade....

i went to the grandma Quade dusting boot camp and she used the Ultimate Duster... and so therefore i do too... to this day none the less... this dusting cloth is amazing... try it you'll like it.. i swear!

you can find them online at - you can tell'em i sent you but i don't think it'll hold much weight.

and now a word from our sponsor ( pretend there is some 1950's housewifey commerical jingle playing in the background... )

Sometimes we take the most useful products for granted, and forget that you might not know about them. Such is the case with the Guardsman One-Wipe® Ultimate Duster®. This inexpensive item makes the boring chore of dusting more pleasurable and less necessary. It is the fastest and easiest way to dust! The One-Wipe® is a large 100% cotton dust cloth, specially-treated to attract and bond dust to the cloth. Consider the advantages: Other dusting methods simply scatter dust, only to have it resettle later. The One-Wipe® grabs dust and holds it -- when it is completely soiled, just wash it in lukewarm water with mild detergent and let it air dry. You save money on dusting spray, breathe healthier air, enjoy a cleaner home ... and spend up to 75% less time dusting! The One-Wipe® is safe for any and all surfaces, including delicate household objects, fine furniture, glass mirrors, automobile interiors, appliances, electronics, etc. This hard-working, easy-to-use product leaves no residue, and will not streak. Give it a try!

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